Become a Reseller

Before submitting your application, it is good to be aware of the conditions and requirements. To be accepted as a reseller you do need to be a professional retailer and:

  • Own an online or offline store;

  • Both the current range and the appearance of your store and/or webshop are in a comparable segment and match with the products of Gnash Kids and/or BIBS ApS;

  • Have a website, or Facebook and/or Instagram page that clearly shows what your store looks like and what you sell;

  • You accept the general terms and conditions, which you will find with the registration form.


After your application has been accepted and your account activated, your first order must be placed within a month with a minimum value of R3000,
As a reseller you are required to place atleast one order per quarter.


To whom do I send additional information or my questions to?

Additional information or new account related questions you can be send to Once your account has been activated you can send any non-sales related questions to either or

Can I apply if my store is not up and running yet?

This is only possible if you are able to provide us with more information about your new store ( of your new store, information about the assortment etc.). If you don’t have any information yet we ask you to send us an account request as soon as your store is up and running or once you have more valuable information.

Can I re-apply if my application is not accepted?

You must wait at least 6 months to re-apply unless discussed otherwise.

What is the pricing and minimum order?

Pricing and order information is only shared with authorised Gnash Kids / BIBS ApS retailers. As soon as your application is approved you will receive this information from our Sales department. As mentioned in the requirements the minimum order value on all orders is R3000.


Meet the above requirements? Kindly use the Contact Us page to request an application form.